The first Maplewoodstock was in 2004.  Here is some good stuff from the archives.

Our 2018 lineup will be announced after May 1, 2018.


Our 2017 Headliners and Featured Acts

Saturday headliner:  Los Lobos

“We’re a Mexican American band, and no word describes America like immigrant. Most of us are children of immigrants, so it’s perhaps natural that the songs we create celebrate America in this way.” So says Louie Perez, the “poet laureate” and primary wordsmith of Los Lobos, when describing the songs on the band’s new album, Gates of Gold.

Los Lobos’s dynamic songwriting, deeply poetic lyrics, thoughtful romantic and spiritual themes, and eclectic blend of styles is an American saga in the rich literary tradition of legendary authors John Steinbeck and William Faulkner. Over 30 years after Los Lobos’ major label breakthrough How Will The Wolf Survive? -- their 1984 album that ranks #30 on Rolling Stones list of the 100 greatest albums of the 1980s – Los Lobos is surviving quite well and still jamming with the same raw intensity as they had when they began in that East L.A. garage in 1973.

Los Lobos will headline Day 1 of Maplewoodstock 2017 with a set starting at 8:30 pm.

>> Read more about Los Lobos at

Sunday headliner:  Ruthie Foster

In the tight knit musical community of Austin, Texas, it’s tough to get away with posturing. You either bring it, or you don’t. If you do, word gets around. And one day, you find yourself duetting with Bonnie Raitt, or standing onstage with the Allman Brothers at New York’s Beacon Theater and trading verses with Susan Tedeschi. You might even wind up getting nominated for a Best Blues Album Grammy — three times in a row. There’s only one Austinite with that résumé: Ruthie Foster.

Her live shows, which she has referred to as a “hallelujah time,” are a mix of as “some blues, some folk, some soul, some rock, some gospel” and have been described by Rolling Stone as “pure magic to watch and hear.”

Ruthie Foster will bring Maplewoodstock 2017 to a close with a Sunday night set starting at 8:15 pm.

>> Read more about Ruthie Foster at


Featured Artist The Hip Abduction

The Hip Abduction blends indie pop, world pop, and club into a highly emotive and roots driven sound.  Their latest album, Gold Under the Glow, was recorded in Nashville with producer Dabney Morris and incorporates synth-pop teeth into the band’s global foundation and summery vibe.

The Hip Abduction will set the stage for our festival’s ending with their 6:45 pm set towards the end of Day 2 of Maplewoodstock 2017.

>> Read more about Hip Abduction at

Our full two-day lineup is below.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

  • Noon — PTW Voices ... Current and former students of a performing arts school in Malplewood, under the direction of Dean Kravitz, singing a variety of styles from jazz to pop to musical theatre ...
  • 12:42 — Cold Weather Company ... a NJ-based independent folk band, rich with vocal harmonies and instrumental builds ...
  • 1:24 — Shakey Ground ... presenting the best mix of classic R&B, rock, Latin, blues, and funk ...
  • 2:06 -- Velvet Rose Band ... a young alernative band from Morris County who has exploded onto the NJ/NY performance circuit; the band recently released its first EP of original songs ...
  • 2:48 --  Cosmic Brotherhood ... groovin' exotic, Indian-fusion, rock, psychedelic, multi-dimensional, multi-cultural ...
  • 3:30 — Laredo ... seasoned local scene songters adding salt to the sound ...
  • 4:12 -- Julie's Party ... 5 instruments and 5 vocalists; funky, bluesy, bayou, rock, and soul ...
  • 4:54 -- Carl Brister ... eclectic blend of soul, pop, and uplifting lyrics of love ...
  • 5:36 — Brother Valiant ... 6 piece indie folk rock band that blends nuances of other genres into a unique sound of their own ...
  • 6:18 — Queen Blue Nile ... funky, soul, energetic, melodic, eclectirally groovy, goose-bump sensational ...
  • 7:00 — Annie Minogue Band ... a gutsy rock attitude with great pop sensibility and a hint of the blues reminiscent of some of rock's greatest female icons ...
  • 7:42 -- Above the Moon ... female-fronted indie-alternative band with pop hooks ...
  • 8:45 — Headliner Los Lobos ... after celebrating their 40th anniversary with the cleverly titled 2013 live album Disconnected In New York City, the hard working, constantly touring band leaps headfirst into their fifth decade with an invitation to join them as they open fresh and exciting new Gates of Gold, their first full length studio album since 2010’s Tin Can Trust (a Grammy nominee for Best Americana Album) ...

Sunday, July 9, 2017

  • noon — Shark Hat ... shake it up with songs frmo the local groove-rocker's brank new Maplewood-tracked album, Another Fable, and other fun tunes ...
  • 12:42  — Whitney Jackson ... a young vibrant ecentric vocalist whose melodies and movements feel like a smooth sultry fusion of R&B, jazz, soul, and hip hop ...
  • 1:24 —Sister Monk ... soul-rocking and djembe-driven, Sister Monk is a joyful sunny sound brimming with celestial ectasy -- a perfect tribal world fusion with a funky beat ...
  • 2:06 — Bellehouse ... female-fronted folk-Americana with luscious harmonies and foot-stomping rhythms ...
  • 2:48 — Tomas Doncker and the True Groove All-Stars ... a fusion of soul, funk, rock, and blues -- global soul at its finest ...
  • 3:30 The Matt Mattheiss Band ... a singer/songwriters from South Orange and his band performing classic covers and original songs from his just-released CD Living in the Grey ...
  • 4:12 — The New Watchdog Blues Band ... performing classic and eclectic R&B and blues; wll all of them singing -- including 3 female vocalists ...
  • 4:54 — The Martays ... slamming, greasy, bluesy, soulful, boldly-inventive arrangements of classic tunes! ...
  • 5:36 — Wedeya ... original roots, rock, reggae from Jamaica to NYC! ...
  • 6:45 — Featured Act The Hip Abduction ... sometimes inspiration strikes from the immersion of living in a far away place; sometimes, inspiration stems from a place that everyone can relate to, but maybe no one’s actually been. This is the music of The Hip Abduction, the vibrant St. Petersburg, FL-based collective that formed over a mutual appreciation for West African and early Jamaican reggae/dub music. ...
  • 8:15 — Headliner Ruthie Foster  ... described by Rolling Stone as “pure magic to watch and hear,” her vocal talent was elevated in worship services at her community church. Drawing influence from legendary acts like Mavis Staples and Aretha Franklin, Foster developed a unique sound unable to be contained within a single genre; that uniqueness echoes a common theme in Ruthie's life and career -- marching to the beat of her own drum ... 

NOTE:  Schedule subject to change.  If weather interrupts the schedule we pick up the schedule as per the “clock.”  In other words, if it pours rain from 4 pm to 5:45, we pick up the schedule with whatever band is scheduled to be playing at 5:45.  However, we have a covered stage, so light or moderate rain won’t stop us.

Last minute updates to the schedule (due to weather or other factors) will be announced in real-time on our Twitter channel —

Our 2016 Headliners and Featured Acts

Saturday headliner:  Railroad Earth

Combining elements of bluegrass, rock and roll, jazz, celtic and more, NJ-based Railroad Earth has kept audiences dancing since forming in 2001.

Guitars, violins, mandolins, drums, and bass come together in a mix of Americana-flavored rock and roll.  Railroad Earth’s music is driven by the remarkable songs of front-man, Todd Sheaffer, and is delivered with seamless arrangements and superb musicianship courtesy of all six band members. 

Railroad Earth will headline Day 1 of Maplewoodstock 2016 with a set starting at 8:15 pm.

>> Read more about Railroad Earth at

Sunday headliner:  NRBQ

Legendary NRBQ will bring their quirky 4-piece brand of rock, pop, and jazz styles to Maplewoodstock 2016.  Known for their spirited and improvisational live performances, their touring circuit has taken them to parts north, south, east, and west over their lengthy career.  Their songs have been covered by Los Lobos, Dave Edmunds, and Bonnie Raitt.

NRBQ will shepherd Maplewoodstock 2016 to a close with a Sunday night set starting at 8:15 pm.

>> Read more about NRBQ at

Featured Artist Maya Azucena

Brooklyn’s Maya Azucena graced our stage in 2010 and is back by popular demand.  
A multi-award winning indie soul rockstar, she is known for making music that uplifts the soul.  In 2015, Maya toured to Haiti, South Africa, India and Russia among her U.S. concerts. Azucena is currently on the cusp of her newest album, “Unleash Me,” which sounds like "a female Bruno Mars, if Bruno sang like Chaka.”

Maya will play a 7:00 pm set towards the end of Day 1 of Maplewoodstock 2016.

>> Read more about Maya Azecena at

Featured Artist Nicole Atkins

Internationally acclaimed American musician Nicole Atkins is a rare artist whose timeless songwriting and raw, emotional voice spans the ages. The miasma of faded glamour and nostalgic pop noir of her critically lauded début album, Neptune City (2007), secured her place in Rolling Stone’s “Top 10 Artists To Watch,” where they praised her “voice full of longing and Loretta Lynn elegance.”

Nicole will set the stage for our festival’s ending with her 6:45 pm set towards the end of Day 2 of Maplewoodstock 2016.

>> Read more about Nicole Atkins at 


  • Noon — Marry the Sea ... Melodic harmony driven acoustic folk rock indie female duo ...
  • 12:42 — ?Western Spur ... Western swing with a Jersey twang ...
  • 1:24 — Rose Boulevard ... Catchy folk/Americana with male/female vocals, layered harmonies, and rock energy ...
  • 2:06 -- Glenn Franke's Big Band -- 16 professional musicians playing bigband jazz, directed by Maplewood resident ...
  • 2:48 --  Dollar Store Riot ... Homegrown Maplewood indie "punk-n-roll" band that's been making melodic walls of noise for 5 years ...
  • 3:30 — Pepperwine ... toe-tapping grooves, in-your-face rock and roll, soaring improvisational jams, head-nodding blues, and a whole bunch of soul ...
  • 4:12 -- Area 301 ... 9 piece hiphop-rock-fusion; very diverse ...
  • 4:54 -- David Easton Band ... keyboard based, funk- and jazz-infused rock, catchy hooks, infectious grooves ...
  • 5:36 — Stuff Bros. ... acoustic, electric, funkified, eclectic; guaranteed to make you shake 'n shimmy ...
  • 6:18 — Big Mamou ... original and traditional country, cajun, and American roots music ...
  • 7:00 — Featured Act Maya Acuzena ... A Maplewoodstock crowd pleaser in 2010, Maya and her band perform her original songs, introducing new material from her upcoming LP "Unleash Me" ...
  • 8:15 — Headliner Railroad Earth ... Music driven by the remarkable songs of front-man Todd Sheaffer, and delivered with seamless arrangements and superb musicianship courtesy of all six band memebers ...

NOTE: Schedule subject to change. If weather interrupts the schedule we pick up the schedule as per the “clock.” In other words, if it pours rain from 4 pm to 5:45, we pick up the schedule with whatever band is scheduled to be playing at 5:45. However, we have a covered stage, so light or moderate rain won’t stop us.

Last minute updates to the schedule (due to weather or other factors) will be announced in real-time on our Twitter channel —


Sunday, July 10, 2016

  • noon — Spyce Classics ... young local musicians playing tasty, funky, psychedelic dance music ...
  • 12:42  — Rick Persaud & Crossroads ...rock and reggae ...
  • 1:24 —Sun Cut Flat ... Immersive and organic indie rock format, creating a blend of textures and an infectious energy on stage ...
  • 2:06 — Deaf Rhino ... Catchy, active, groovy, heavy, fun, energetic, melodic, and gritty rock ...
  • 2:48 — TruSol ... captivating melodies, sweet harmonies, unforgettable lyrics, and an amazing sound ...
  • 3:30 Bruno Lee featuring Bet HaSHEM ... where inspirational soul meets hip hop meets jazz fusion ...
  • 4:12Golden Bloom ... An indie rock band making heartfelt pop music that is dynamic, bombastic, and beautiful ...
  • 4:54Lisa Rott & The All-Terrain Band ... driving and energizing rock and roll ...
  • 5:36Kwame Binea ... energetic rock and roll mixed with blues and soul ...
  • 6:45 — Featured Act Nicole Atkins ... Jersey Shore's Atkins, cultured in Asbury Park's music scene, introduced her rock, folk, and psychedlia to our backyard ...
  • 8:15 — Headliner NRBQ  ... "NRBQ is still liable to play anything; roaring rockabilly, transcendent pop-rock, roadhouse blues, avant jazz -- you name it" -- Minneapolis Tribune ... 

NOTE:  Schedule subject to change.  If weather interrupts the schedule we pick up the schedule as per the “clock.”  In other words, if it pours rain from 4 pm to 5:45, we pick up the schedule with whatever band is scheduled to be playing at 5:45.  However, we have a covered stage, so light or moderate rain won’t stop us.

Last minute updates to the schedule (due to weather or other factors) will be announced in real-time on our Twitter channel —

NOTE:  Schedule subject to change.  If weather interrupts the schedule we pick up the schedule as per the “clock.”  In other words, if it pours rain from 4 pm to 5:45, we pick up the schedule with whatever band is scheduled to be playing at 5:45.  However, we have a covered stage, so light or moderate rain won’t stop us.

Last minute updates to the schedule (due to weather or other factors) will be announced in real-time on our Twitter channel —

Our 2015 Headliners and Featured Acts

Saturday headliner:  The Wailers

Together with Bob Marley, the Wailers have sold in excess of 250 million albums worldwide. In England alone, they’ve notched up over twenty chart hits, including seven Top 10 entries. Outside of their groundbreaking work with Marley, the Wailers have also played or performed with international acts like Sting, the Fugees, Stevie Wonder, Carlos Santana, and Alpha Blondy, as well as reggae legends such as Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, and Burning Spear. As the greatest living exponents of Jamaica’s reggae tradition, the Wailers have completed innumerable other tours, playing to an estimated 24 million people across the globe. They have also been the first reggae band to tour new territories on many occasions, including Africa and the Far East.

The Wailers will headline Day 1 of Maplewoodstock 2015, as they sprinkle their reggae love over our audience with a set starting at 8:45 pm

>> Read more about The Wailers at

Sunday headliner:  Rusted Root

Rusted Root first gained attention coming out of Pittsburgh, PA, in the early 1990’s for their blend of acoustic, rock, and world music styles -- and their platinum-selling When I Woke album. Touring steadily for over two decades, they have forged a reputation for an outstanding percussive-driven live set that gets them dancing and leaves them exhausted.

Rusted Root's latest album is 2012's The Movement.

Rusted Root will bring Maplewoodstock 2015 to a close with a Sunday night set starting at 8 pm.

>> Read more about Rusted Root at

Sunday featured artist:  Alejandro EscovedoAlejandro Escovedo

Roots rock and Americana from Austin, TX -- with stops in San Fran and NYC. Escovedo's latest album, Big Station, was produced by the legendary Tony Visconti.

Escovedo has blended the lyricism of Bruce Springsteen and Jackson Browne with the raw power of the Stooges and the Velvet Underground…the result is music with heart, brains, and a burning sense of adventure.” - Mark Kemp, Rolling Stone

Escovedo will perform at 6:40 on Sunday night.

>> Read more about Escovedo at

Saturday, July 11, 2015

  • noon — Rose Boulevard ( … fun, energetic Folk Pop featuring male/female vocals ...)
  • 12:42 — ?Hoochie Coochie Men ( … folk-tinged, blues rock revival born on the crossroads of the Delaware and Lehigh River … )
  • 1:24 — Chris Alleyne ( ... fusing soul, pop and rock, Chris Ayllene's music recalls the old school, but looks forward with a modern edge ... )
  • 2:06 — Pat Karwan ( … original material and cleverly crafted cover tunes with integrity and competence … )
  • 2:48 — Jane Lee Hooker ( … five women from New York City who infuse the grit and attitude of their hometown into the blues … )
  • 3:30 — StarFish  ( … the greatest rock band in the world … for kids and families! …)
  • 4:12 — Julie's Party ( ... funky, bluesy quintet with great interpretations of multifarious covers ... )
  • 4:54 -- Moodring ( … original music that strives to be truly original; whatever the mood, they jam it … )
  • 5:36 — The Baby Please ( … from Alternative-rock to Alt-country, songs that'll make you swoon and a setlist from the ultimate Gen X mixtape … )
  • 6:18 — Kwame Binea Shakedown ( … blend of roots rock, funk, and soul; a true reflection of the energy, passion and sound of the city …)
  • 7:00 — JJ Blues Band ( ... a driving mix of Texas and Chicago blues ... )
  • 7:42 -- Queen Ella ( ... two time Apollo winner Queen Ella, born Queenella Nicole Gibson, is a full-time pop/r&b singer-songwriter with soul ... )
  • 8:45 — The Wailers bring their Reggae sounds of love ... read more!

NOTE: Schedule subject to change. If weather interrupts the schedule we pick up the schedule as per the “clock.” In other words, if it pours rain from 4 pm to 5:45, we pick up the schedule with whatever band is scheduled to be playing at 5:45. However, we have a covered stage, so light or moderate rain won’t stop us.

Last minute updates to the schedule (due to weather or other factors) will be announced in real-time on our Twitter channel —

Sunday, July 12, 2015

  • noon — Atlas Bloom ( … modern power trio fuses energetic stage presence and fierce musicality to create a new brand of Alternative Rock … )
  • 12:42 — The Accelerators ( … power pop trio from Union N.J. influenced by 60's Surf, British Invasion and 80's New Wave … )
  • 1:24 — Brother Valiant ( … 7 piece ensemble blending nuances of Jazz, Folk, and Rock into a peculiar patchwork of sounds … )
  • 2:06 — TriState ( … indie rock band from New Jersey. Hooks, harmonies, stabbing guitars, tangential arrangements, and stories from post- youth … )
  • 2:48 — Big Radio ( ... high energy power pop rock band ... )
  • 3:30 — Thursday Habit ( … original thoughtful alternative progressive rock music by local favorites to make you move, think, and feel … )
  • 4:12 — Claire Khodara ( … now performing between NYC & London, Claire Khodara was the benediction singer for Pope John Paul II & Pope Benedict XVI, a contestant on American Idol, and has an album on iTunes called Brand New … )
  • 4:54 — Oxygen Box ( ... New Jersey-based  soul, rock, reggae band with a mission to uplift the community with positive music ... )
  • 5:36 — The DeLorean Sisters ( ... 1980's pop hits lovingly re-arranged as Americana ol-timey tunes ... )
  • 6:40 — Featured Artist Alejandro Escovedo ( ... roots rock and Americana from Austin, TX)
  • 8:00— Rusted Root brings their acoustic, rock, and world music style to close our our festival ... read more!

Our Headliners and Featured Acts for 2014

Puss N Bootspuss-n-boots

Puss N Boots (Sasha Dobson, Norah Jones, and Catherine Popper) are at their core, three women who share a love for music. Whether it’s Country, Americana or just plain old hard drivin’ Rockabilly, through their mutual favorite covers or original tunes, this all girl power trio delivers by singing their tails off and making people laugh like crazy. Puss n Boots will be releasing their first album with Blue Note this July.

Puss N Boots will bring Maplewoodstock 2014 to a close with a Sunday night set starting at 8 pm.

>> Read more about Puss N Boots at and

Robert Randolph and The Family Band

Robert Randolph and The Family Band first gained attention with the release of the album Live at the Wetlands in 2002.  The band followed with 3 studio recordings of the next 8 years which, together with tireless touring and unforgettable performances at randolphsuch festivals as Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits, and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, won them an expanding and passionate fan base.  Randolph’s unprecedented prowess on his instrument garnered him a spot on Rolling Stone’s “100 Greatest Guitarist of All Time” list, and also attracted the attention of such giants as Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana, who have collaborated with him on stage and in the studio.

The band’s latest album (Lickety Split) features his distinctive mix of rock, funk, and rhythm & blues.  Randolph, of Irvington, NJ, has traveled the world with his music, and now brings it back to Maplewood this summer.

Robert Randolph and the Family Band will headline Day 1 of Maplewoodstock 2014, as they leave everybody dancing on Saturday night.

>> Read more about Robert Randolph and the Family Band at

Raul Midoniguanas-200x133

Featured artist Raul Midon is a singer-songwriter and guitarist who has earned renown as one of music’s most distinctive and searching voices. He is “a one-man band who turns a guitar into an orchestra and his voice into a chorus,” according to The New York Times. Midón has collaborated with such heroes as Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder, along with contributing to recordings by Jason Mraz, Queen Latifah and Snoop Dogg and the soundtrack to Spike Lee’s She Hate Me.

Midon will be featured just prior to Puss N Boots set on Sunday evening.

>> Read more about Raul Midon at



Saturday, July 12, 2014

Noon to 12:30
Roll On Two
(Columbia High School groovalicious rap/rockers with big-stage attitude)

Roll on Two

12:42 to 1:12
Coversa (modern, upbeat rock n roll, with catchy chorus's and adrenalizing riffs)


1:24 to 1:54
Marco Ranieri Band (energetic American rock hits served up by and all-star band)


2:06 to 2:36
MyMyndMocean (world progressive psychedelic rock jams- structured songs with improvisation included)


2:48 to 3:18
Chris Alleyne (wide genre, includes 80s pop, rock, soul, and country influences)


3:30 to 4:00
The Mar-Tays (big, swampy, rockin', bluesy, classics reimagined by NY's musical elite)


4:12 to 4:42
Zombies of the Stratosphere (psychedelic power pop)


4:54 to 5:24
Sad About Girls (hooky power pop rock)

5:36 to 6:06
Dave Fields (the definition of electrifying rockin’ blues with a New York City soul)


6:18 to 6:48
The Stuff Bros. (rootsy goodness with a pinch of soulful you think you know, but may not have heard before)
Stuff Bros.


7:00 to 7:30
Rude Boy George (80's New Wave covers done in a ska/reggae/rocksteady style)


7:42 to 8:12
Mythic West (hip shaking as well as transcendental world beat)


9:00 to close
HEADLINER:  Robert Randolph and the Family Band 




Sunday, July 13, 2014

Noon to 12:30
Queen Ella (energetic, fun, powerful, and soulful vocals)



12:42 to 1:12
The Shakey Tables (sexy bass grooves, killer guitars, bumpin' drumbeats, classy vocal harmonies)



1:24 to 1:54
Lisa Brigantino (award-winning singer/songwriter whose music spans genre, groove and topic)



2:06 to 2:36
Client No. 9 (alt-rock upbeat original tunes about sex and relationships, suburban-style)



2:48 to 3:18
Black Lace Blues (eclectic mix Blues, Rock, Reggae, Funk, Swing, jazz, originals, covers)



3:30 to 4:00
The DeLorean Sisters (Americana, hillbilly renditions of 1980's pop hits)



4:12 to 4:42
Pidgin Droppings (a conscious mix of reggae, funk, hip-hop and afrobeat)



4:54 to 5:24
Jambalaya (presenting the music of Sly and the Family Stone)


5:36 to 6:06
Curtis Winchester and Friends (soul and funk guaranteed to keep you dancing, backed by some of the best musicians in the region and led by Grammy nominated guitarist Gil Parris)



6:18 to 6:48
Jim Hayes Band (a blues rock band with lots of soul)



7:00 to 7:45



8:15 to close
HEADLINER:  Puss N Boots (Sasha Dobson, Norah Jones, and Catherine Popper)


Our headliners for 2013!

Joan Osborne

joan-osborne-200x250Singer Joan Osborne was born in Anchorage, KY, but it wasn’t until relocating to New York City in the early ’90s (to study at N.Y.U.’s film school) that she began to take a singing career seriously after singing Billie Holiday’s classic “God Bless the Child” at a local bar’s “open mic night.” In addition to Holiday, Osborne looked to such legendary vocalists as Etta James and Ray Charles as role models, as the up-and-coming singer decided not to cater to major record companies and formed her own label, Womanly Hips, which resulted in such releases as 1992’s in-concert Soul Show, among others.

But eventually, Osborne decided to sign on with a major label, Mercury, which in turn issued the singer’s next release, ‘Relish,’ in March 1995. The album eventually racked up sales of three million copies and proved to have a long life, as almost a year after its initial release the track “One of Us” became a massive MTV and radio smash, camping out at the number-one spot on the U.S. singles chart for 2 weeks. Additionally, the singer managed to connect with a large and appreciative audience while touring as part of the 1997 edition of Sarah McLachlan’s Lilith Fair tour. Osborne received numerous Grammy nominations in both 1996 and 1997.

Bring It on Home is a collection of vintage blues, R&B and soul songs that make up the seventh album from the Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum artist. It’s an apt title—for Osborne, Bring It on Home marks a return to her musical roots.

Joan will bring Maplewoodstock to an end with an 8:00 pm Sunday night set.

» Read more about Joan Osborne at

Brother Joscephus and the Love Revolution

BJ-200x133Winners of the Independent Music Awards “Best Live Performance” Category 2011, Brother Joscephus and the Love Revolution is on a mission to make the world a more righteous place. The two main visionaries of this 12-piece explosion of love – Brother Joscephus and his eccentric cohort, The Right Reverend Dean Dawg – dip heavily into a musical gumbo rich with old school soul, roots, classic rock stylings, New Orleans rhythms, and feel-good “secular gospel” music. BroJo combines all this with a message of righteousness, urging us towards acceptance and loving one another.  When you combine the music and the message with a one-of-a-kind, high-energy stage spectacle, you got yourself one hell of a revolution on your hands. Their brand new album, Revolution of Love, was entirely funded by fans through, and is slated for a June 4 release.

Brother Joscephus will bring Day One of Maplewoodstock 2013 to a close with a 9:30 pm Saturday night set.

» Read more about Brother Joscephus at

The Iguanas

iguanas-200x133The word “Americana” gets tossed around rather loosely these days; it can mean anything from a hipster with a recently-discovered acoustic guitar to a decades-long denizen of the Grand Ole Opry. But when you set aside the Johnny-come-rootly types from the real deal, it’s a sure bet that you’re going to stray into Iguana territory. Based out of New Orleans for the past couple of decades – save for a short, Katrina-imposed exile in Austin – the Iguanas define a sound of Americana that crosses cultures, styles, eras… and even languages.

Their latest album, Sin to Sin, is their first studio recording since 2008’s If You Should Ever Fall on Hard Times, and its release coincides with their appearance at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

The Iguanas will help bring Maplewoodstock to a crescendo with an 8:00 pm Saturday night set right before final Day One act Brother Joscephus and the Love Revolution.

» Read more about The Iguanas at

Read our full Day One and Day Two line-ups!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Our headliners and featured acts.

  • noon — StarFish ( … the greatest rock band in the world … for kids and families! …)
  • 12:42 — Deena and the Laughing Boys ( … ‘n indie pop, with a wink and a twinkle and some ESP …)
  • 1:24 — Dave Fields ( … electrifying genre-defying rock with a blues soul …)
  • 2:06 — Hannah & Maggie ( … Indigo Girls and Simon & Garfunkel …)
  • 2:48 — Five Cent Philosophers ( … curative rock for the mind/body problem …)
  • 3:30 — Jimbo’s Jambalaya ( … a Jambalaya of JJ Blues, Jimmy Lee Ramblers, and Hilton Nawlins Funk Band …)
  • 4:12 — Shakey Ground ( … driving classic rock-soul-funk and blues thrown in to excite audiences …
  • 4:54 — Bigger Thomas ( … celebrating 25 years and continuing to keep crowds moving and grooving to their patented sounds of reggae ska …)
  • 5:38 — Curtis Winchester and Friends ( … Curtis and the gang bring an infectious blend of funk, r&b, and blues; get ready to dance, sweat, and shake your groove thang! …)
  • 6:18 — Vibe Merchants ( … if Bruce and Stevie raised a four-headed stepchild …)
  • 7:00 — Jo Wymer ( … sits nicely between the Black Crowes and Grace Potter …)
  • 8:00 — featured act, The Iguanas ( … Americana from the Grand Ole Opry to New Orleans and from Memphis to Austin …)
  • 9:30 — headliner Brother Joscephus and the Love Revolution ( … righteous musical gumbo  …)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

  • noon — Mood Ring ( … jam band playing an eclectic mix of originals and covers … )
  • 12:42 — Broken Darling ( … Exciting Alternative Folk/Rock/Country Sound …)
  • 1:24 — 4th Street Nite Owls ( … a fun romp down the Chestnut Street of vintage jazz …)
  • 2:08 — Mark Murphy ( … Paul Simon/Sting/Nick Drake with top NYC jazz musicians …)
  • 2:48 — Jim Keller ( … wrote 867-5309 with Tommy Tutone, solo in vein of Willie DeVille, John Hiatt, and Alejandro Escovedo …)
  • 3:30 — 3rd Gear ( … tasty stew of rock, blues,, plus a few originals …)
  • 4:12 — Walk the Dog ( … this all-Maplewood band is 13 years and running and covers four decades of rock, blues, and folk …)
  • 4:54 — Hippo ( … dangerous and complex like its namesake beast, Hippo wades through a river of rock and funk, roaring wild improvisations)  
  • 5:36 — FELT ( … Jersey Fresh acoustafolkadelica — oil-stained Americana with thump and grind fresh outta the garage; debut album at …)
  • 6:18 — Big Mamou ( … Zydeco, Cajun, and Cosmic Country led by accordion player John Sherman and vocalist Julianne Fenhagen …)
  • 7:00 — Wedeya ( … worldwide reggae from Jamaica via New York to the world …)
  • 8:00— headliner Joan Osborne  ( … vintage blues, R&B and soul …

Sat and Sun, July 7 & 8, 2012

Our headliners and featured acts.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

  • noon —  8bit ( … original and indie/alternative covers performed by four young rockers from Columbia High School …)
  • 12:42 — Moodring ( … Maplewood and South Orange’s premier jam band; eclectic originals and covers; whatever the mood, they jam it …)
  • 1:24 — House of Essex (formerly known as Three Gentlemen Only) ( … an eclectic vintage style rock band of original material loved by beautiful women …)
  • 2:06 — 13 Scotland Road ( … the brainchild of Bill Binford plays a wide range of original music, featuring Aaron Seglin …)
  • 2:48 — Elijah and the Rockers ( … straight out of Jamaica and NYC; roots rock reggae like it’s supposed to be …)
  • 3:30 — Running Late ( … a smooth eclectic blend of funk, pop, and alternative rock that gets you moving …)
  • 4:12 — Big Mamou ( … Cajun, Zydeco and Cosmic Country featuring John Sherman accordion and Julianne Fenhagen vocals from Montclair …)
  • 4:54 — Jill Criscuolo ( … A NJ based pop/dance artist that delivers an energetic family oriented stage performance …)
  • 5:36 — The Martays ( … a band of NYC’s most illustrious recording and touring musicians create rollicking, soulful re-imaginings of classic songs)
  • 6:18 — featured artist The Martin Briley Band ( … The Martin (Salt in My Tears) Briley Band play gritty, yet sophisticated, pop gems …)
  • 7:15 — co-headliner James Maddock ( … NYC’s WFUV 2011 Listener’s Poll named Wake Up and Dream one of the top albums of 2011, with the song “Beautiful Now” #9 in the same poll …)
  • 9:00 — headliner Chris Berry and Panjea ( … the powerful groove and socially conscious message of Chris Berry and Panjea has its roots in the ghettos of Zimbabwe; the music speaks of personal power and the ability to change one’s own life and the world for the better …)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

NOTE: This scheduled is up-to-date and differs slightly from the schedule published in our in our print program. The Jimmy Destri Band is no longer on the bill.

  • noon —  Sad About Girls ( … power pop meets mopey indie in a dark alley …)
  • 12:42 — Matt Mattheis ( … South Orange singer/songwriter has been performing for over 30 years and will debut his new CD Living in Grey with his six piece band …)
  • 1:24 — The Mungers ( … never too serious, The Mungers deliver pop hooks that you’ll be humming later …)
  • 2:06 — Rachel Allyn ( … Jersey born, Nashville educated singer/songwriter Rachel Allyn brings a new perspective to country music…)
  • 2:48 — Hilton Nawlin’s Funk Marching Band ( … come get funktafied in a Nawlin’s kinda way …)
  • 3:30 — Shari Pine ( … straight up, low down, burning and churning, Pine is zero to soul in 10 seconds …)
  • 4:12 —  Dachee & Culturally One ( … a band that uplifts, inspires, and entertains to make change in the world …)
  • 5:00 — featured artist Seth Walker ( … “The first time I heard Seth Walker at a small club in Nashville I was impressed like I haven’t been impressed in 30 years, with performance, presence, and great songs” — Delbert McClinton)
  • 6:15 — co-headliner Ollabelle ( … American roots–rock band that has been sharing their rare chemistry for over ten years …)
  • 7:45 — headliner Shemekia Copeland ( … heir to the rich tradition of soul-drenched divas like Ruth Brown, Etta James and Koko Taylor, Copeland’s shot at the eventual title of Queen of the Blues is pretty clear; by some standards, she may already be there …)

2011 (Sat and Sun, July 9 and 10, 2011)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

  • noon —  Almost Canadians ( … acoustic folk rock and blues; soft with an edge)
  • 12:42 — Pyroclast ( … the result of individuals with chemistry creating their own intense brand of charismatic rock with a decidedly funky aftertaste)
  • 1:24 — Mark Murphy Band ( … Paul Simon meets Sting, meets Nick Drake)
  • 2:06 — Shaky Ground ( … rock, funk, and soul covers …)
  • 2:48 — Backspin ( … one of Maplewood’s favorites …)
  • 3:30 — Rock the Houses of the Holy ( … Rock The House’s collective Led Zep tribute band)
  • 4:12 — Vibe Merchants ( … If Stevie and Bruce had a four-headed step child …)
  • 4:54 — Good Luck Mountain ( … Americana or Alt-Country band, but we think of it as Folk Rock; not unlike The Band but with more atmospheric treatments and guitar sounds …)
  • 5:36 — AUGUST ROSE presents teau ( … R&B, Nu-soul, Jazz, and Hip-Hop rhythms)
  • 6:18 — featured artist Seth Walker ( … the driving delivery and infectious down-home style of Walker’s voice and songs resonate with blues and roots music …)
  • 7:15 — featured artist Alex Kariotis and The Rock Opera Orchestra ( … Combines grand arias and the emotional subject matter of  operatic masters with compositional wizardry, electric guitars and vocal pyrotechnics …)
  • 8:30 — headliner Raul Malo ( … a lifetime’s journey, from the Cuban neighborhoods of Miami through years with The Mavericks to one of the most intriguing and talented artists in the Americana and World Music scenes …)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

  • noon — New Dakota ( … fun, eclectic mix of modern and classic rock, blues, and country …)
  • 12:42 — Three Citations ( … four-piece funky bluesy rock band …)
  • 1:24 — Thursday Habit ( … modern progressive rock; Foo Fighters meets King Crimson …)
  • 2:06 — Third Gear ( … a tasty stew of rock, blues and alt-country plus a few originals …)
  • 2:48 — Mophat ( … funky, rockin’, dance friendly, reggae, jazzy, family …)
  • 3:30 — Jimmy Lee Ramblers ( … classic country music from the 40′s through the 70′s …)
  • 4:12 — Ray Adkins ( … blues- and reggae-influenced origi


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