Thank you!

Thank you all for sticking with us all weekend for our 2023 festival — despite the threatening weather. We ALMOST made it. And we should be grateful that we otherwise had a full slate of acts — fabulous acts — until lightning strikes required us to cancel the final 90 minutes or so. Please support the local sponsors and merchants who supported us and gave their time to offer you their wares and services. Please keep following us on social media. And, please keep the love of creativity and community alive in MAPSO/SOMA and beyond.

We will see you in 2024 (tentatively July 13-14 … our 20th anniversary)!



The Maplewoodstock Festival is run by volunteers.  There are nine of us on the core Committee who do planning work year-round, and we also have lots of friends and neighbors who help pitch in for t-shirt sales, event set-up, traffic coordination, etc. to keep this festival a free two-day celebration of music and arts — of and for the MAPSO/SOMA community.  For insurance purposes we are required to have each volunteer sign a waiver.  If you are so kind to volunteer, you will hear back from us regarding when and where we would need you.  Until then:  rock on!

Volunteer for Maplewoodstock

James Buchanan

Jim was a “Founding Father” of Maplewoodstock back in 2004 and a tremendous contributor to the arts, entertainment, and recreation of MAPSO/SOMA for far more many years. He passed away in Jan 2023 at 80 years of age.

Maplewoodstock Videos

Here are some featured videos.  We have a lot more at our Maplewoodstock YouTube channel.

Some of us nine volunteer organizers had a video interview with Village Green NJ about the decision to postpone our free, two-day festival from July to October.
A few of us from the Maplewoodstock Committee appeared on MAPSO Juice
Check out Turquaz performing Talking Heads’ Slippery People
Check out Lisa Rott and the All Terrain Band

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