• Canopies, chairs, blankets, and other personal items are not permitted in Memorial Park before  5:00 am in accordance to Maplewood Municipal Ordinance. Any personal items that are placed in the park prior to 5:00 am will be removed by the Maplewood Police Department.
  • Canopy Policy:
  • Unoccupied Spaces:
    • No person is permitted to “save a space.” If a chair, blanket. or other personal item is left  unattended for more than 2 hours, then those personal items are subject to removal.
      Alternatively, if a festival attendee knows that they will not be utilizing their space for an  extended period of time, they are free to invite others to utilize such space. If unsuccessful, then they should remove their items or be subject to removal according to  the above policy.
    • Umbrellas and other items that may block the view of other concert attendees are prohibited  outside the designated areas.
    • WHATEVER YOU BRING IN TO THE PARK, YOU MUST TAKE IT WITH YOU  WHEN YOU LEAVE – BOTH NIGHTS. No personal item is permitted to remain in the  park overnight. This includes canopies, chairs, blankets, and any other personal items. If  left overnight they will be removed. 


  • There are designated walking/emergency lanes that must remain free of chairs, blankets, etc and  must be kept clear at all times. These lanes are not to be used for viewing the festival, therefore no loitering is permitted within those lanes. 
  • Police and EMS officers will be monitoring these walking/emergency lanes to ensure that they  remain clear. 
  • There will be two Safe Zones in front of the stage. Each zone will be sectioned off with  barricades. 
    • There will be a Safe Zone directly in front of the stage which can only be utilized by  authorized persons (staff, police, EMS, etc). This area will be large enough for  emergency vehicles to utilize if necessary.
    • A second Safe Zone will be directly behind the first area. This area is reserved for  standing room only. Sitting of any kind, whether on the ground, in a chair, or other means is prohibited in this section.


  • Only authorized personnel are permitted backstage. 
  • Authorized personnel include: 
    • Maplewoodstock Staff wearing the appropriate lanyard identification.
    • Performers, their guests, and their crews who will be issued wrist bands.
    • VIP guests with appropriate ID.
    • Police, EMS, Township officials, authorized media members, and other volunteers authorized by the Maplewoodstock committee.


  • Vendors (art and food) pay for the privilege of renting their space for 2 days. It is impractical  and cost prohibitive for them to remove their displays, canopies, etc on Saturday evening.  Therefore, while they will be required to lower any canopy and secure and protect their items,  they are not required to remove these items from the premises, (other than any merchandise and  valuable items which should be removed at the vendor’s discretion). 
  • Maplewoodstock staff are required to be at Memorial Park long before and long after the festival  attendees. Therefore, any canopies, blankets, chairs, or other items necessary for the  Maplewoodstock Volunteers to do their jobs will be allowed to be in the park for the duration of  the festival. However, these items will be marked, lowered, and secured where possible.
  • Vendor and Staff items will be clearly marked as such. 


  • Nothing should be attached to any of the trees, and please walk in designated areas around the  food and art vendors.


  • No grilling is allowed except by authorized food vendors.
  • Unless otherwise permitted and in designated areas, consumption of alcohol is prohibited.
  • Persons deemed under the influence of alcohol are prohibited in the parks. 
  • No motor vehicles of any type are allowed in the parks unless specifically approved.
  • Usage of profane language, gambling, quarreling or fighting is strictly prohibited in the Parks.
  • There shall be no distribution of pamphlets or demonstrations or sale of any articles for private pecuniary gain by and individual or organization using the facilities unless previously approved.
  • Maplewood Township and the Maplewood Recreation Department will not be responsible for  accidents, injuries or loss of property.
  • Maplewood parks are smoke-free parks. Smoking of any substance is strictly prohibited.