The Maplewoodstock Music and Art Festival was founded in 2004.  A dozen friends, neighbors, and musicians getting permission from the Township of Maplewood to gather in the park and play some music.

Over the years, the festival grew:  a professional stage and sound crew; local advertisers and sponsors; a Beer Garden; Kids Zone; etc.

While the Township of Maplewood strongly supports Maplewoodstock, this is not a Township event. The festival is managed and funded by the Maplewoodstock Volunteer Committee through ads, sponsorships, and sales.  We are about 9-10 of your local friends and neighbors volunteering 11 months a year (we take August off in sheer exhaustion) to bring this festival to you.

We don’t want to claim credit for it, but it has been said by our fans that Maplewoodstock is the highlight of the summer.

Our mission is to be a free festival of music and arts — of and for the community.  This means we want to support and offer opportunity to local and regional bands and artisans and kitchens to present themselves to our community.

And, we are free of causes, politics, advocation, solicitation, or demonstration.

You are invited to join us to dance, eat, wear a funky outfit, partake of a beverage, smile, hug, commune, laugh, get sunburnt, and enjoy the best weekend of the year.

Read our Maplewoodstock 2024 press release.

Our Supporting Organization:

Music & Arts Education Project, Inc. (MAEP) is a Maplewood (NJ), 501(c)(3) organization that advocates for the inclusion and broadening of a comprehensive arts and music curriculum in all schools, in all grades, and for all students.  MAEP seeks to demonstrate (1) cognitive development of participatory arts and music programs, (2) positive social and emotional development of performing arts and music programs, (3) the inherent diversity, equity, and inclusion that is the cornerstone of the arts, and (4) the positive community impact of public art displays, music performances, and literary performances.

MAEP is proud to produce Maplewoodstock as its flagship annual event.  Stay tuned for additional programming and information sessions aimed at furthering our mission of enhancing arts education in our schools and community!

MAEP needs your support (financial and otherwise) to achieve our goals.  Please consider adding your support to our endeavors.

Please read our other pages under FAQ and Accessibility and view our Map.

In memorium — James Buchanan:

Jim was a “Founding Father” of Maplewoodstock back in our inaugural year of 2004 and a tremendous contributor to the arts, entertainment, and recreation of MAPSO/SOMA for far more many years. He passed away in Jan 2023 at 80 years of age.

We love and miss Jim B.