Canopy Lottery

After the success of last year’s pilot program, Maplewoodstock once again used a more organized, less sleep-deprived, and safer way to ensure that all Maplewood and South Orange residents have a fair and equal opportunity for canopy space at the festival.

Thank you for your tremendous support – we are humbled to have received over 750 lottery entries for 2023 (a 50% increase over 2022).  To ensure the maximum number of people can have a canopy (100 per day), we ensured nobody won both days while others did not win at all. 

This unprecedented demand exceeded Gmail’s daily send limits, so unfortunately about 500 people who did not win the Sunday lottery have yet to be officially notified.  All winners and waitlisters for both days, as well as everyone who did not win the lottery on Saturday, have been notified.  We finished sending all emails by Monday, July 3, 2023 and reminder folks to check their email and spam box for emails from us.

We look forward to seeing you at Maplewoodstock 2024! Thank you for your participation and support!