1. Separate lotteries will be held for each day of the festival.  Applicants can participate in the Saturday lottery, the Sunday lottery, or both lotteries. Each winning entry will entitle the winner to one 10 foot by 10 foot canopy space for a single day at the festival.
  2. Only one entry per Maplewood or South Orange residential address for each lottery (i.e., the same residential address can apply for the Saturday lottery and/or the Sunday lottery, but only once per day).  Duplicate registrations will be discarded.
  3. Anyone with a Maplewood or South Orange residential address can submit a lottery registration, but one adult (at least 18 years old) from the residence must be present and have proof of address at the time of canopy set-up on each morning of the festival.
  4. Winners will be randomly selected by computer drawing. Lottery results will be announced by July 2, 2023, and upon confirmation by the winner, the winner will be given a number indicating their order of set-up (i.e., lower numbered winners will set up their canopies before higher numbered winners).  Canopy set up times will vary between 8:30AM and 10:00AM on each morning of the festival.  Failure to arrive at the festival site at your assigned time will result in potential forfeiture and a wait list member receiving your canopy location.
  5. Lottery winners will not have the ability to choose their specific canopy setup location, as they will be assigned upon arrival each morning (though lower numbered winners will likely have the best opportunity for a “front row” position).
  6. If both you and a friend win the lottery, consider consolidating into one canopy (keeping the lower numbered ticket) and allowing a wait list member to obtain a canopy location.
  7. As in past years, all canopies MUST be removed each night of the festival and no overnight canopies are permitted.
  8. All canopies must visibly display the provided hang tag from time of set up until the tent is removed.
  9. Any canopy set up in violation of these policies will be removed.

Applications can be submitted between 11AM on June 23, 2023, until 11AM on June 30, 2023.  Lottery results will be announced by July 2, 2023. 

All registrations will have an equal chance of winning regardless of method of registration so long as the entry is submitted prior to the deadline noted above.

More information can be found on our Canopy FAQ page.

We look forward to seeing you at Maplewoodstock 2023!