What is Maplewoodstock?

If it’s not obvious by now, Maplewoodstock is a two day festival of local music and arts put on by your friends and neighbors. We started in 2004 with one day and a few local bands. Over the years we have evolved to two days, with food and arts vendors, a KidsZone, and some headline regional and national music acts.

Our Mission Statement is to provide best free, two-day festival of music and arts that is of and for the community possible.

We are a nine-person volunteer organization who runs the festival and raises all funds needed to put on this free festival via our t-shirt sales, sponsorships, and vendor space rental fees.

Our main contact is via maplewoodstock@gmail.com.  We are all volunteers, so it may take a few days to get back to you.

When is it?

Maplewoodstock is usually scheduled for the Saturday and Sunday following Independence Day.  Although, some years, we move to the following weekend so we don’t fall so closely on the heels of Independence Day.  Each day typically kicks off about noon and ends around 9 pm.

Our 17th year will be held Sat, July 11, and Sun, July 12, 2020.


The same spot as always.  See Memorial Park in Maplewood, NJ, on Google Maps.

Here is a general map of our festival grounds, but we make certain adjustments in coordination with the Township of Maplewood on a year-to-year basis to increase our audience space, improve safety access, offer new amenities to our festival attendees, and make way for ongoing restoration work in the park led by the Maplewood Memorial Park Conservancy.


What bands are playing?

Click on our MUSIC link to see our schedule.

  • We typically book our 2-3 headline bands in Dec/Jan.
  • We typically open our band application process in Feb.
  • We typically choose and confirm all bands in April.
  • We typically announce the full lineup in May.

Can my band play?

Each year we open up a band application process in January and February. We usually make our lineup selections in May. Watch our MUSIC link to see the details about applying.

How do you pick the bands?

We have a music selection sub-committee that tryies to curate the best lineup of free music of and for the community. There are 3-4 slots reserved for regional or national acts. The other 18-19 slots are for a calibrated mix of new sounds and old faves, with an emphasis on acts from our local/community.

There is a $25 application fee for each band.  This fee helps fund the event (which is 100% self-supporting and all money raised goes into the festival costs) and helps ensure that bands who do apply are “serious” enough about their talent level to apply.

Only the 2-3 headline bands get paid “scale.”  All other bands who play get a nominal $150 paycheck.  We understand that some bands decline to apply due to this policy.  However, Maplewoodstock is a free festival, put on by volunteers — we give you a huge audience to present your music.

Please read our Band Application FAQ for more info.

Does it cost money to come to the festival?

No!  It is free and open to everyone to attend.  No gates; come early, and stay late!  100% free.

So, how do you fund the festival?

Maplewoodstock is 100% self-supported by (1) our merch sales (t-shirts, hats, lawn signs), (2) our sponsors and advertisers, and (3) fees from our food and art vendors and band applicants.

What about parking?

There is small parking lot by the Maplewood train station.  Other than that, park on the streets (just observe all posted signs about where and when you can and can’t park).

Oakview Ave. will be closed to vehicle traffic between Valley St. and Dunnell Rd.  Dunnell Rd. will also be closed in front of the train station.  This to accomodate bands off-loading equipment and arts and food vendors doing the same.  Parking passes will be provided to bands and vendors.

What about handicapped parking?

There are a few designated spots at the Maplewood train station, and over the last few years, the Maplewood Police Department has blocked off a few more street spots on Dunnell Rd. at the Oakview Ave. intersection.

Can I get there on public transportation?

For sure.  Since we are right across from the Maplewood train station on NJ Transit.

Tickets? Seatings?

We are free to attend, so no tickets needed. Seating is first come/first serve. Bring a blanket; throw it down; respect our marked-out aisles and canopy zone (see our Blanket and Canopy Policy).

Canopy and Space Policy for 2018:

Our “short” policy is below:

  1. Pursuant to Maplewood Municipal Ordinance §193-23 Memorial Park opens at 5:00am. Therefore, no one is permitted to enter the park before that time unless permission is granted by an appropriate Township Official. DO NOT ENTER THE PARK PRIOR TO 5:00AM!
  2. Canopies, chairs, blankets, and other personal items are permitted in Memorial park only after 5:00am each day of the event.  Any personal items that are placed prior to that time will be removed by the Maplewood Police Department.  All personal items must be removed at the end of each night. Exceptions are items from paid vendors and approved event staff. These items will be clearly marked.
  3. Canopy Policy:
    1. After 5:00am on each event day canopies, chairs, blankets, and other personal items may be placed on a first-come first-served basis. DO NOT ENTER THE PARK PRIOR TO 5:00AM!
    2. Only one canopy is allowed per family. Canopies must be 10’ X 10’ or smaller and placed only in designated pre-marked locations
    3. Canopies with side panels, tents with side panels, umbrellas or other items that block the view of others are prohibited.
  4. Unoccupied Spaces:
    1. No person is permitted to “save a space.”  If a canopy, chair, blanket. or other personal item is left unattended for more than 2 hours after the start of the event, then those personal items are subject to removal by the police.
    2. Alternatively, if festival attendees know that they will not be utilizing their space for an extended period of time, they are free to invite others to utilize such space. If unsuccessful, then they should remove their items or be subject to removal according to the above policy.
  5. WHATEVER YOU BRING IN TO THE PARK, YOU MUST TAKE IT WITH YOU WHEN YOU LEAVE – BOTH NIGHTS.  Unless otherwise approved, no personal item is permitted to remain in the park overnight.  This includes canopies, chairs, blankets, and any other personal items.  If left overnight they will be removed by the Maplewood Police Department.

Read our full policy, please.

How many people attend Maplewoodstock?

We have grown over the years, and we estimate that about 7,500 people attend over the course of the weekend.  The crowd usually builds throughout the afternoon, with peak crowds between 5 pm and 8 pm.  You can see some crowd shots on our Flickr photo sharing site (like this one) that show how the hill fills in with attendees.

Will there be food to buy there?

Yes!  Many local restaurants set up tables to sell their delicious foods. In the past we’ve had everything from hamburgers/hotdogs to Indian food and Portuguese sausages.

Can I bring my own food?

Yes!  Many people bring a blanket and a picnic basket and hang out all day long.

Can I cook my own food — fire up a grill?

No fire or charcoal grilling by attendees is allowed.  Only qualified food vendors are permitted to cook food.

Is liquor for sale?

Since 2012, we have offered a Beer Garden, where local beer and a limited selection of wine was available for purchase.  Entry or purchase requires proof of age (21+), and all liquor must stay within the Beer Garden.  It’s operating hours will be from noon until about 10 pm on Saturday and noon to 9 pm on Sunday.

Can I bring my own liquor?

The Village of Maplewood provides Maplewoodstock a permit to run this event in a public park.  Use commons sense and discretion.  If you bring in a bottle of wine, nobody’s going to notice.  If you roll in a keg, we’ll have to ask you to remove it.

We discourage glass containers of any sort, to reduce the risk of broken glass.

Can I set up a tent, canopy, umbrellas, etc?

Please review our Blanket and Canopy Policy.  If you look at some of the photos of our event on our Flickr channel, you can see that tents and canopies are restricted to the perimeter and chairs-with-hoods are for down front.  We will have a line upon which canopies cannot be established.

Also, we usually mark out a few aisles in the grass to facilitate movement of guests. Please don’t put your blankets in the aisles. Let’s keep them free for circulation.

Are there rest rooms?

Maplewoodstock provides several Port-o-Potties.  There are also restrooms in the Maplewood train station — although opening the station is up to NJ Transit, and they have not opted to open on the weekends over the last few years.

Can I bring a dog?

Town ordinance applies: dogs must be on leash, and you pick up after the dog. Please note: this is a VERY crowded — yet mellow– event. Uncontrolled dogs making a nuisance or mess will be asked to leave.

Is there wifi available for attendees or vendors?

The festival does not supply any wifi.  NJ Transit does advertise that they have wifi available, but you will need to connect to that on your own.

NOTE:  If you are a commercial vendor able to supply wifi for the festival, contact us at maplewoodstock@gmail.com.

Are there ATMs available for attendees or vendors?

We don’t supply on-site AMTs because the Maplewood Village is steps away under the train tracks — where there are several banks with ATMs — in addition to grocery stores, liquor stores, and restaurants.

I am a food, arts + crafts, local service vendor.  How can I get a table?  How much does it cost?  What about a tent?  What about power?

If you want to be an arts vendor at Maplewoodstock, watch our ART link for details on the application process.

Similarly, if you want to be an food vendor at Maplewoodstock, watch our FOOD link for details on the application process.

I am a local business. Who can I talk to about sponsoring opportunities? Can I get my company’s name on a banner or in the program?

Yes; we do have sponsorship opportunities.  See https://maplewoodstock.com/sponsorship/ or email us at maplewoodstock@gmail.com.

I am hearing impared; how can I enjoy the festival?

Sign Language Interpretation

Sign Language Interpretation

For those hearing-impaired, we also offer a volunteer-organized sign language interpretation (starting in 2017) for several hours each day (typically 5 pm until closing). While we cannot guarantee reserved seating space, if you are seeking sign language interpretation, you should aim to situate yourself at “House Right” – about 20 feet from the right-front corner of the stage. We will mark the area with “Deaf Area” signs and ask attendees to self-police and be gracious and neighborly in sharing/ceding space for those wanting to view the sign language interpretation.

What else can I do in the town of Maplewood before and after Maplewoodstock?

Since Maplewoodstock is a two minute walk from Maplewood village, there is plenty of opportunity for you to eat in its restaurants and browse in its shops.  Here’s the website to the Maplewood Village website, the Maplewood Chamber of Commerce and MaplewoodOnline’s business directory.

I love what you guys are doing.  How can I help?  How can I volunteer?

There are lots of opportunities to help.  If you have professional skills you can offer to Maplewoodstock, please let us know:

  • graphics design
  • flyer, poster, t-shirt, etc. printing
  • legal
  • sales and sponsorship

Plus, as the event gets closer we will need “Street Teams” to help get the word out and sell some of our merch.

Lastly, on the weekend of the event, we always could use extra hands on set-up, break-down, and garbage patrol.

Email maplewoodstock@gmail.com if you want to volunteer.

Can I submit a donation to help fund the event?

Yes; we gladly take donations so that we can keep providing the best free event possible.  Donate via the DONATE link in the right column of this website.

How can I make suggestions for ideas for next year?

We are always looking to make the Maplewoodstock Music & Arts Festival the absolutely best free event of and for the community.  So, please email suggestions to maplewoodstock@gmail.com.

Can I fly my drone?

Absolutely not.  To ensure the safety of our attendees, drones are strickly forbidden and are subject to the appropriate laws and regulations.  If there is a drone flight, it will be Maplewoodstock sponsored and announced from the stage in a very controlled way.

Can I take photos or videos of my friend’s band or my favorite band?

Absolutely yes.  We do not provide any designated press area.  You are welcome to set up a camera in front of the stage, but you cannot block anyone’s else’s view or occupy a space that is distruptive to the event.  If you are a band that wants on-stage or back-stage access for photo/video, please email maplewoodstock@gmail.com prior to the event or check in with a festival organizer on-site for clearance.  Every band that plays is aware that their photo and video likeness can be captured and distributed by any/all attendees.  The Maplewoodstock Committee traditionally posts some photos and videos of the day, but does not offer or provide any service whereby a band can get a full recording of their set.

For the media:

We appreciate offers from the media to cover our event.  We usually send a press release out around May 1 to local outlets.  Otherwise, we aren’t really looking for more pre-event publicity, as our festival is usually attended at near-capacity.

Any media is welcome to come to “cover the event” on the Day-Of.  However, we make no special accommodations for media — there is no “media tent” or “camera alley” or “artist availability” event.

Professional media can place a camera “on the field” to catch live stage action, but if they take up a footprint or profile that we feel is overly large or distracting, we reserve the right to ask them to relocate or leave.  We cannot provide any power or reserved space.

If the media want to interview bands, we can make in-advance email introductions, but it is really up to the bands (particularly, the Featured and Headline bands) to agree or not.

Festival committee members are otherwise available to help media gain some ad hoc backstage access to ask bands or organizers if they want to be interviewed.  We will chaperone media backstage, and we reserve the right to ask media to leave backstage at any time.

Media inquries and request can be sent to our official maplewoodstock@gmail.com address.


The Maplewoodstock Music & Art Festival is not affiliated with Woodstock Ventures LC.